There are FOUR elements to successful fundraising.  We're talking fundraising that brings in a quantum leap in funds.

It begins with ATTITUDE.  You need to have the will to set a GOAL and let no-one change your mind.

Second you need HELP. A team of like minded helpers that are prepared to dig in.  No negative people please.

Third you need MOTIVATION to drive your team to their GOAL.  It's all about smiling, don't forget it!

Lastly but most importantly you need a RECIPE.


The first three steps are nothing without the last and viseversa.  Your RECIPE for fundraising success with Mr Peg and the peg people is simple;

  • THINK laterally, you are welcome to sell our product for more than the ticketed price. 
  • COMBINE something with the peg sale as an incentive, maybe a discount voucher or reduced price for buying three bags. 
  • Set a TARGET number of bags sold by each member/student/parent.  Example 250 sellers sell an average of 10 bags each.  That's 2,500 x $2.00* = $5,000.00
  • If your sellers TAKE BAGS OF MR PEG HOME to sell, they WILL BE SOLD.
  • PICK UP THE PHONE and talk to other schools/people to find out how they tweak their fundraising.
  • Give PRIZES (not money) that are out of the ordinary to add an incentive, ask local businesses for HELP. Some things cost nothing.
  • SPEAK TO US  about selling over 1000 bags of pegs, because we will let you have an extra money* as an incentive per bag.
  • SPEAK TO US about how we can assist with a giveaway to help sales.


There is one important extra thing that you should consider carefully .... EXCUSES.
Most fundraising groups give up before they start.  They know the result from last year and the year before, so they set their sights lower to avoid dissapointment. History is yesterday's news.  Most fundraising is a carbon copy of what others do, to get the same result.  DARE TO BE DIFFERENT to get a BETTER result.

......OK, now it's up to you.  What you do now will have a HUGE impact on our children's future.