Fundraising with Mr Peg


Who can fundraise?
"ANY organisation that can help our kid's to become BETTER PEOPLE are welcome to fundraise using Mr Peg and the peg people."

If you live outside New Zealand you can still fundraise with Mr Peg, contact us to find out how.

Here is a 30 second lesson on how Mr Peg Fundraising works;

  • CONTACT US with your needs (email/phone/fax)
  • WE SEND YOU flyer/s/order forms FREE of charge 
  • You motivate, exhillarate and generate as many SALES of Mr Peg bags as humanly possible
  • CONTACT US again with your order of Large and Small Mr Pegs
  • WE SEND YOU your order with an invoice for $4 per bag sold
  • You DISTRIBUTE the pegs to many happy people
  • YOU SEND US a cheque or deposit money into our account a week after receiving the pegs.
  • THAT'S IT! ... all done. Time left over to do some important stuff, like play with the kids.
  • Please note free postage is no longer an option due to freight cost rises


  Surprised BAFFLED ABOUT FUNDRAISING  ... click here. 


Click the link below for a copy of our current flyer/order form.

MR PEG flyer_and_order_form_(reverse).pdf





...oh, there is something else.... (scroll down)





...however this is only for the truely committed hardcore fundraising types...


.... you know the one's that stop at nothing to get the maximum they can out of a fundraiser....


..... so they don't have to do as many through the year ... makes sense really...


..... anyway only read on if you would like to know the SECRET to real fundraising success...


... you might just be happy with earning small amounts and take pride in participating in the fundraising ... and that's OK... PLEASE .....ONLY READ on from here if you want to take your fundraising to a new level...


....TURN BACK NOW if you don't have a needgreat enough....


.... DON'T say I didn't warn you .....


..... OK .... read on....CLICK HERE NOW.