What we do, why we do and how

PlastiClip Products Ltd is a mixture of things. 
Part designer, part manufacturer and part community minded.  Our thinking sometimes is childlike so we can capture the market we hope to serve.  In a nutshell we design and manufacture injection moulded ideas and products for ourselves and for others.  We love to question the notion that, "products have to look like what people are told they should look like" ... why should a peg look like a peg??  That's how Mr Peg and the peg people were born. 

 Our business is essentially two partners Alex and Lindsay and we have a team of people we like to call our family .... mainly 'cause they are family and they are cheap to run.  Our mission statement is a lot simpler than other businesses our mission is to "RE-POPULATE THE WORLD WITH MR PEG AND THE PEG PEOPLE AND OTHER INNOVATIVE PLASTICLIP PRODUCTS"... big goal but hey we're up for it!

Quality is something we pride ourselves on.  We do it right and build a product to do the job, otherwise the planet gets filled with throwaway junk.  Not cool. We are passionate about helping kids become better adults through a few initiatives, the obvious one being FUNDRAISING.  We know the hurt of trying to raise funds ... year after year after year ... it's a never ending cycle. We want to help. 


We have a number of development projects in development.  Keep an eye out for them.

  Mr Peg and the peg people  

  The clothespeg that adds a little character to your clothesline.  He's been used for a bath toy, for throwing games, as an imaginary friend, in flower arrangements, as a golf tee, a teething ring (Large in the freezer workds wonders we're told), dress-up decorations, a complete dress (see photo's), chip packet closers, freezer bag clips, door stops (lay one across the other), to open a wine bottle, table leveler, gumboot de-stoner ... the list goes on.  Did I tell you he will even hang out with your clothes!
Available in multi colours.  Single colours by request and cost $1 extra per bag.
Bag sizes 25 Large (100mm tall) and 50 Small (74mm tall)


    Shadecloth Clips (8mm wire and 10mm cable)          

Sometimes called Butterfly or Windbreak Clips.  They are used to firmly secure shadecloth or material to standard fence wire or cable.  The uniqueness of their design is two fold.  Firstly they have a two stage clipping action as seen in the image to the left (top).  This allows for setting the clip positions before the final clipping together.  These clips WILL NOT let you down.  The second feature that is available on request is a 10mm clip used for 10mm cable in some orchard operations.  The lower image shows a standard clip.
Our standard clips also come with an upstand which is used to assist clamping with pliers in commercial operations.
Available in Green (other colours by request)
Pack sizes 200, 1000 or volume sales by request