The "Thousand Bag Challenge"

 You thought maybe this was "THE BILLIONAIRES CLUB" well in a way you're right!

Fundraising in these doom and gloom times is not going to get easier.  The approach of yesterday won't crack it in the harshness of today's economy.
Face it, people won't be parting with their money.  Times are tough.

Tough situations can be overcome with a plan.
Today you need to create a different mindset.  You need to become hungrier and more creative to gain money.  Without the money we battle on. With the money you can deliver on better education. The government will only give you enough to survive on.  You have to create your own future for your kids. This is the reality.

We want to give you more money.  That's right, more money.  But it comes at a price.
Firstly we need you to become serious about making money for your school or facility.  We need you to be desperate to make money for your kids.  We need you to get the kids to become inspired for the health of their school.  We need you to take ownership of your fundraising.  To have a real desire rather than just a need.

Here's our plan.
How you decide to roll it out is up to you.  We are not the ones that need the funding. Think laterally.

1   We give you 1000 bags of 50 small Mr Pegs (your little soldiers of fundraising if you like).  We include one free Mr Hanger Peg in each bag (only for this promotion).
2   You divide 1000 by the number of students/sellers (eg a school of 180 has about 200 potential sellers incl. staff, that's only 5 bags each)
3   You send your sellers home with a carry bag and promo flyer (we provide both) with their share of the 1000 bags and sell at $6 per bag to neighbours, aunties, uncles, family friends, sports friends, Mum and Dad's work friends, etc (DO NOT target Mum and Dad to buy, this is important)

You have only two weeks to sell.

4   Send us the money and we turn up next day to your school with a supersize cheque for $2,500.00 (more if you can gain orders above the 1000 bags).

5    Failure (forget this word after you've read it) to sell the amount is not the end of the world.  We take back the left overs and we pay you the standard $2 for any bags sold.  Cost of return postage will be charged to you for any returns.

If at this stage you are thinking of "why this can't work", then please click the small 'x' in the top right of your screen, leave your computer and go and find someone that feels sorry for you.  If however you want money for our kids to gain the best education possible at your school then you have to BELIEVE it's possible.  If you want the HOLY GRAIL called educational funds then you need to hop on your horse and make it happen!


This commando style approach to fundraising we present is given to you for three reasons;

1   We are totally passionate about setting the path for our kids through quality education so they don't become a social statistic;
2   This fundraising plan is transferable into any fundraising activity.  Read it carefully the plan revolves around taking OWNERSHIP, DRIVE, ABILITY TO BELIEVE and most of all having a common goal and desire to achieve.  This plan is a life lesson for kids.   We give it to you for free.
3   Mr Peg is more than a clothes peg. He is a cute feelgood metaphor that kids can use and take on board both now and later in life with their kids.  Our mission is to get Mr Peg out to everyone on the planet to at the very least give them a smile as well as help hang out the laundry.

So if you are serious, have a need, want to be different, want to make a difference, then
NOW is the time to ACT.
  Get typing, phoning, do what you have to do to let me know you want to be part of this CHALLENGE.
Places are limited and this is a LIMITED promotion.  Be quick.

Look forward to helping

@ PlastiClip Products